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Mana:, eCommerce Merchants Trade Association Sign Partnership to Provide Online E-Commerce Sellers with Additional Tools and Benefits Is The Leading Marketplace Specializing In Video Games And Gear And a Key Part Of Sellers' Multi Channel Strategies This Holiday Season.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 8, 2008 -- The eCommerce Merchants Trade Association ( today announces a partnership with (, the leading online marketplace platform for new and used video games, systems, and accessories. This partnership arrangement provides eCommerce Merchants with additional tools and specialized pricing for qualified volume sellers on the Dawdle platform.

eCommerce Merchants Trade Association
We wanted to offer our members access to the best-in-class marketplace for the hottest media type there is right now provides unique tools to buyers and sellers, using its proprietary database of games and gear to allow professional sellers to list items on its site in a matter of seconds. Dawdle has a powerful bulk upload functionality that eliminates the hassle of creating numerous listings by hand.

Dawdle has announced partnerships with point of sale companies Extreme POS and Wolf Track Software and multi-channel marketplace solution provider FillZ to allow users of those programs to easily create listings on the Dawdle platform. This partnership between and eCommerce Merchants continues's tradition of being a seller-friendly marketplace that meets their needs for a safe, easy, and quick selling process online.

" aims to get out of the way of gamers so that they can get in, get out, and get on with gaming," said Sachin Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Dawdle. "These principles extend to our relationships with professional sellers - we want to give them the tools they need to quickly and easily sell online so that they can spend more time growing their businesses rather than dealing with hassles. We treat professional sellers like partners, not adversaries."

By offering members a partnership with to provide additional tools, benefits, and quantity discounts, eCommerce Merchants is advancing their mission to provide best-in-class solutions to online merchants.

"We wanted to offer our members access to the best-in-class marketplace for the hottest media type there is right now," said Cresta Pillsbury, Executive Vice President of eCommerce Merchants. "Even in these tough economic times, the video game industry continues to roar and this partnership with Dawdle will allow eCommerce Merchants members the ability to take advantage of the opportunities provided as buyers look to save money and receive great value for their dollar. is the leader in the gaming space, and their 'moronically easy' slogan applies to both buyers and professional sellers."

Dawdle processes all payments on the seller's behalf, eliminating all risk of listing on the Dawdle site. Its database-driven listing platform allows sellers to add listings in seconds, not minutes and provides the easiest bulk upload process of any online marketplace. When items sell, Dawdle uses direct deposit to place the seller's proceeds directly in his or her checking account, eliminating the need to use PayPal or other payment methods. has free shipping on all purchases and all taxes are included in the purchase price, so "the price you see is the price you pay." has no listing fees, no buyer fees, no per-transaction fees, or any other fees. Dawdle charges a commission of 11.99%, which includes all payment processing fees, only when an item sells. These fees are lower than that of other online marketplaces, such as eBay,, or In addition, buyers and sellers realize significantly more value than they do for used items at large chains such as GameStop.

About Dawdle
Founded in 2007, was born out of a frustration with the limitations of other online marketplaces to meet the needs of gamers. Dawdle was built from the ground up for gamers and independent retailers, making it "moronically easy" to buy and sell online. Dawdle uniquely allows gamers and retailers to create Standing Offers with the price they're willing to pay for the items they want to buy. Dawdle partners with other best-of-breed vendors to provide a seamless selling process online for sophisticated sellers, while maintaining a simple, easy to use website for regular gamers. Dawdle is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For more information, please visit

About eCommerce Merchants
eCommerce Merchants ( is a leading trade association of small and medium sized ecommerce businesses. The organization provides best practices guidance, technology & infrastructure advice and sourcing & supplies solutions to online merchants around the world who use the internet to sell or promote products and services. The organization works closely with the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (

Companies or Merchants interested in working with eCommerce Merchants should Contact:
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Cresta Pillsbury
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